Strong Bones With Silica

The bone growth process includes adding calcium plus increasing the collagen to give the bones a hard and strong texture plus a degree of flexibility. Silica its essential for both extremes hardness and flexibility. a study conducted at the school of public Health in California  showed that silica supplemented bones have a 100% increase in the amount of collagen over bones that have not being fortified with Silica.

Silica Uses

Silica Has a variety of uses, The main 2 forms of silica are known as “Organic Silica” and diatomaceous earth food grade. Both of these type os Silica are available in our Sila Pure Supplement.


Healthy Skin

Silica its an important mineral capable of providing the body with good skin. The observations done on silica clearly prove the positive results of the therapeutic internal use of vegetable Silica on bone ailments. the mineral composition of the bone its greatly influenced by Silica. Silica its a mineral that its able to increase the absorption of calcium y by the bones with out the need of Calcium supplementation.

Beauty Mineral

Organic Silica  its a neglected vital mineral!  Have you ever wondered where  the human fetus obtains the large amounts of calcium necessary to create the skeleton? The calcium to make the human skeleton its created from silica.  Silica its the element that gives babies the glow and the softest that babies have. In 1952 a researcher by the name of Javilier of France  called silica one of “the twelve major elements in the composition of living organims”.

Dr. Javillier of France and other researchers confirmed that Silicon its not a trace minerals in the human body.We were and always have been looking for the ultimate solution to aging, the one with the power to transform our years into golden years.  Organic silica has proven to be able to maintain firm , smooth skin , preventing wrinkles.

Lots of evidence supports the implementation of silica in the diet, much or as much as Calcium. The facts show us that Silica its the promises to be the most affective remedy against degenerative disease. If you want to remain trim, fit and young looking silica could be your elixir. Instead of using a lot of drugs and numbirng our body, silica may help you remove the root of degenerative diseases, the side effects of aging, aid against osteoporosis. Osteoporosis its a growing disase that we can notice in the growing population as the baby boomers keep aging.



The Phenomenon of Aging

While the phenomenon of aging was once considering beyond human understanding we may be diggings answers for the simplicity of the subject. Aging appears to be regulated by our genes and science and nature seem to be taking greater control of this knowledge. At the times that we are living, aging seems to be almost reversible. The study of longevity, the science that studies aging known as, Gerontology has made grater advantage almost doubling the life span of animals by controlling their food intake making it sharply restricted. Dietary control seems to enhance the body chemistry of anti-aging.

Studies have realized that aging its not a disease but it makes the body more vulnerable to disease. Studies have found that SILICA the mineral that babies have in high amounts, can also give the body elasticity into old age. Silica its an important mineral that may make it possible for you to have enough bounce left to jump around until you reach 100 years of age. Research has revealed that the silica content in living tissue its at its highest in the embryonic stages.